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Storied Stitches is a sister project with Fake Magic; it is a knitting zine about the empowering and radical nature of knitting and all other forms of fiber art created by Valentina Castro and Caroline Walters. This zine is powered by submissions from fiber artists around the world in the hopes to create new literature that highlights knitting's capacity to be accessible, creative, and independent. Storied Stitches is a people-powered, noncommercial, DIY publication where we celebrate our creations. This zine is about us, the people who knit, united through our self-expressions and our creativity. 

Storied Stitches releases new volumes three times a year. Subscribing to Storied Stitches means new volumes will be sent to your door with free shipping the moment they are ready. If you would rather purchase individual volumes of Storied Stitches, you can purchase them at their Etsy link below!