SF Zine Fest was a Huge Hit!

We had so much fun meeting everyone at the San Francisco Zine Festival! It was inspiring to see so many people we knew whether it was from work, college, random parties, and even some people who recognized us from high school! We loved connecting with so many people over tarot readings and we even watched some friendships forming right before our eyes. It really felt like the whole Bay Area had come together in one spot to enjoy zines and art. Even our table seemed to be stationed in a way that felt like fate! Kaz had met our table mate, Felix from Tiger Boats, at a rehearsal over a year before and the table seated behind us was an artist he recognized from a convention seven years ago. He still has their zine from way back then!

We are currently applying to both the Santa Cruz Zine Fest and the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest (EBABZ for short). Keep on the look out for more updates on future events. We can't wait to join in on more festival fun!

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