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Tie Dye Party!

An afternoon of friends and tie dye! Bring something white and 100% cotton, and we'll teach you the rest. We have a full range of colors, gloves, buckets, plastic bags, rubber bands, etc. Thai Iced Tea will be provided.
Tie Dye Party!

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

About the Event

Tie Dye isn't only for the summer. The Fake Magic Tie Dye Party is an afternoon of friends and tie dye! Bring something to dye and we'll teach you the rest. Come and build community with us! We have a full range of colors, and all the materials.  

What should I bring?

Bring something to dye. White is ideal but you can always overdye on something, especialy if you are trying to revamp something old. Your item should be 100% cotton, rayon, silk, hemp, or linen (not polyester or other synthetic materials). It doesn't have to be a shirt! Get creative and bring anything you want to dye, like a bandana, a pair of shoes, a pillowcase. Anything!

What should I wear? 

Wear something that you don't mind getting dye on if you happen to splash on your clothing. Preferrably wear something old or dark in color. You can even dye in your underwear!

How long should I plan to be there?

You can leave whenever you are like and are done, but you can stick around until everyone else is finished. The event will be loosely divided in two sections: the first where we prepare the materials and drink tea, and the second when we actually dye. You will bring your creation home to wash out the next day. 

What if I have never tie dyed before?

That's ok! We will teach you. There are so many tie dye techniques at all skill levels. Valentina has seven years of experience working with dyes and the rest of us have tie-dyed several times. We all love being a resource for people who want to explore their creativity in his medium. 

What if I am a tie dye master?

Great! You can get creative and learn more complicated techniques. We will have supplies and instructions for shibori. You can also teach the beginnners in attendance and help foster a sense of community. 

Can I bring kids?

No. As much as we believe in art as enrichment for children, we are not able to accomodate youth at this event. The recommended age is eighteen and up. 

Please Note: This is an inclusive space. Please let us know if you need any accomodations. We are a body positive, queer positive, anti-racist organization, and we want to cultivate a safe space. We believe when people feel safe, they feel more free to express themselves and make their best art. Please be respectful to everyone. If we feel you are violating the safe space we will ask you to leave the event.

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