The magic happens here



We believe that magic exists in the art and connections that we make. Art has the power to stir laughter, joy, wonder, pain, and empathy in others. Even though art isn't "real," the power it has is magic in itself. We all create using vastly different art forms, including fabric arts, writing, digital design, and paintings. We practice tarot, analyze astrology, and follow the moon cycles. We believe in the power of our practices, but we also don't take ourselves too seriously. Our work is full of whimsy as well as wonder.

We are a collective and we believe in the importance of collaboration to support all of our efforts. Our combined business and artistic skills are what make Fake Magic possible. We also believe in art as a way to foster community. We want to create workshops and events to empower other artists to build their skills in a safe and supportive environment while making friends in the process. We want to bring bits of real and fake magic into everyone's lives. In the end, magic is what breaks the barriers between all of our differences. It has no explanation and it is beautiful all the same.



Creative Director/ Resident Artist/ The Very Best

Nina is a painter and illustrator from Santa Clara, CA. In 2012, she relocated to Southern California in pursuit of a fine arts education. In 2017, she graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Her work is often characterized by the placement of figures in vibrant dream-like spaces. Her influences include fantasy stories, nature imagery, a deep love of color theory and the work of her inspiring friends/ fellow artists. She has recently returned to the Bay Area and is excited to make art in a new context and rediscover home.



Resident Artist/Gremlin

Tori Powers is a class clown who aspires to travel the world. She has been creating art in earnest since she was a teenager, but still struggles to call herself an "artist." She has dabbled in many art forms including illustration, sculpture, jewelry, crochet, and glass blowing. She majored in Glass Blowing at California College of the Arts and attended the Pilchuck Glass School for four summers. Tori is the originator for the Fake Magic logo and other t-shirt designs on the Fake Magic.



Marketing Manager/ Resident Artist/ Witch

Valentina is a Mexican-American Fiber Artist, photographer, writer and tarot reader from San Rafael, CA. She attended California College of the Arts where she studied textiles and creative writing and met wonderful friends to collaborate with. She is the co-creator of Storied Stitches, a collaorative knitting and fiber arts zine with eight issues since 2017. She is a strong DIY advocate and believes that knowing how to make things is both personally empowering and good for the environment.



Business Manager/ Resident Artist

Kaz is a queer Bulgarian performer who lives in the Bay Area. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Theater and English and has been working in the arts ever since. He has been writing creatively since he was eight years old, acting since he was eighteen, and married the two in slam poetry when he was twenty. His work in Fake Magic will mostly be self-publications, but he also dabbles in knitting, collage and textiles. He was inspired to make Fake Magic a reality after taking accounting classes with UC Berkeley Extension and after the success of the Kickstarter for his first chapbook, "Female to Masterpiece." Fake Magic is his first business venture and he is excited to share his art and the art of his talented best friends.



Technologies Manager

Brett Houtz is a programmer with a passion for creativity and a love of community. Brett majored in Math and minored in Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz. He loves making creative coding projects and reading math textbooks in his free time. Brett works as a Software Engineer and lives in Hayward, California with his boyfriend and three cats.



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